Crafty me

I love to work on crafts; sewing, scrapbooking, knitting, holiday crafting, stencil painting, card making, paper crafts, needle crafts, you name it and I have probably done it.  I am actually hoping to start quilting this summer and I really would like to learn how to knit.  I have knitted hats and scarves using the knifty knitter but knitting with needles might be fun too.

What I really need to work on though is my craft room.  It’s a mess, and mostly because everything in the house that doesn’t have a normal place gets shoved into the craft room.  Of course, it’s also the school room and a place for Sully’s collection of board games and other stuff.  

I would really like to get started on scrapbooking again.  Hopefully, I can start after the Spring Cleaning crew rolls through that part of the house.  I have a great table in there that I got at IKEA, folded up it is about 14″ wide.  You can lift one side or both to make a table that measures 28″ X 56″.  

I drooled over this table for a year.  I saved money here and there and finally got it a few years ago.  We drove over in the middle of the week and I told Sulley he could stay in the car because I would be back in ten minutes.  He was being cranky and bet me that I couldn’t do it.  Silly man!  I rushed up the escalator through the top floor, down the stairs to the warehouse, power walked past a couple.  I went straight to the aisle with the table, grabbed the box met up with the couple I power walked by.  I told them I was power walking because my husband said I couldn’t get in and out with the table in ten minutes.  The wife said “You better show him” and the husband was in shock, he didn’t think anyone could get in and out that fast.  I found a cashier with no line, paid and left.  I got back to the car with about a half minute to spare.  It’s an amazing table but I don’t  think they sell it anymore.