Fall Swag

Every year Scarlet and I work on a craft for Thanksgiving.  Sometimes the Thanksgiving theme is very strong like turkeys and pilgrims.  Other times our project is simply autumn inspired, like this project from last year.  Usually we make one for us, and then a couple for family members.

After looking around online we came across some beautiful Autumn floral arrangements.  After a bit more research we narrowed it down to swags that could be hung on a door or window.

Today, we got our supplies out and this is our final product.  We made each one a little different, although the flowers were the same in each arrangement.  I found some great flower bunches on clearance and used wire cutters to separate the individual flowers.  I made sure to leave part of the stem for attaching to the swag.  I added real eucalyptus for color and texture, not to mention the fragrance.


20131127-151501.jpg          20131127-151451.jpg

*not the best pictures but the colors and general idea is there.

**I had originally titled this post ‘Gettin’ swaggy’ to annoy Scarlet, who rolled her eyes and said, “OMG, Mom, no!”  🙂


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