I have a problem, I admit it. I seem to lack the ability to follow instructions and patterns.  It’s not because I’m dense or due to a break in my focus, although I sure have my moments, it’s just that I have these great ideas in the middle of projects.  Almost everything that I make, build or create gets tweaked in the process.  So, for me, instructions, patterns and directions in general are really more like guidelines.

Maybe it’s that I am cheap, or maybe I have control issues.  I don’t know.  In recent years I have found that if I am looking for the perfect thing (whatever that may be), it’ll be easier if I make it or do it myself.  I guess this is a “if you want something done right, do it yourself” sort of deal.  Of course, I mean this from a creative/DIY viewpoint.   I am not talking about washing dishes or mopping the floor…I’d be happy to pass that on to pretty much anyone else.

I’ve just learned over the years that sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect way of doing something, or the perfect bookcase to fit that wall or the curtains in the correct shade of green.  Sometimes it’s just knowing that I can make the same thing for a fraction of the cost that is being charged online or in a local store.  Other times I will be working on a project and I see that I can make a simple change that will add another feature that I would want.

Comic table

Why settle for almost right, when you can create what you want?  …And basically that’s what this blog is about, using my knowledge and creativity to produce what I want.

This applies well to our choice to homeschool as well.  I had heard so many horror stories from friends and family about either the education their kids were receiving or the conduct of students or even teachers in the schools.  We planned on me being a stay at home mom, so it just made sense to homeschool.  It can be a lot of work but I love it for so many reasons which I am looking forward to sharing in my blog posts.




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